We started as a small eco-consultancy group located in Murcia, in South East Spain, in 2001 bringing together more than 15 years’ experience in international eco consulting.

Our team is the result of bringing together several independent professionals (biologist, engineer, economist, lawyer, environmental and social sciences experts) to deliver different kinds of projects in social, educational and environmental fields.

We are aware on gender, intercultural and sustainable issues. As a dynamic and creative team, we have been working as environmental solutions provider and adviser for several organisations in Spain and other countries mainly in Latin America.

We are mainly involved in education and environmental issues locally and internationally using e-learning, doing research, training and promoting people participation towards assuming local environmental management responsibilities facing global climate change and promoting circular economy.

In January 2004, Alfa Environmental Services was accepted and registered as a National Services Mark in Spain (Nº 2550805/9) and in August 2005, was registered as a Limited Liability company VITA XXI SL with a Spanish Tax Identification Number B-73382400.

Since then, we are offering confident and reliable environmental services on education, training, project management , landscape ecology , biodiversity studies. Our advice is based on local and international experience.

VITA XXI SLP has participated with several educational organisations from Italy, Czech Republic, Slovaquia, Bulgaria, Latvia, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark for EU projects dealing with environmental education, mainly  training primary and secondary school teachers. ( 2009- 2022).  See  for instance SUNDIAL Project